Iván Vargas was born in Sacromonte, in the “La Rocío” Cave, where he took his first steps with his family “Los Maya”. Belonging, therefore, to a dynasty of great dancers where we find names like those of Manolete, Mario Maya, Juan Andrés Maya and of course, the masterful accompaniment of Juan Maya’s guitar “Marote”.

Always interested and motivated by flamenco, he studied flamenco at the Performing Arts Center “Mario Maya”, years 2002-2004, as well as taking flamenco dance classes with maestros such as Manolete, Mario Maya, Juan Andres Maya, El Guito Alegrando Granados, Rafaela Carrasco, Mercedes Ruiz, Juana Amaya, Andrés Peña, Manuel Betanzos, Manuel Liñán ….

Since then he has participated in a large number of shows with his uncle Juan Andrés Maya, such as La Pasión, Contrastes, Cautivo, El Nacimiento, or Flamenco de un Marginado, premiered at the Teatro Apolo in Madrid.

In the hands of Miguel Bosé, his participation in the 1992 Seville Biennial was also important. Years later, in 1998, he traveled to Italy, with Rocío Molina, to participate in the Bologna Festival.

In the show “Death in Granada” of the Fura del Baus, he made another brilliant contribution and shared the stage with artists such as: Javier la Torre, Eva la Yerbabuena and, again, with his uncle Juan Andrés Maya.

In 1999 he performed in the tribute to his uncle Juan Maya Marote, where he shared a poster, among others, with José Mercé, Niña Pastori, Ketama … In 2003 he recorded, with the Flamenco Live production company, the video “Furia Maya”, marketed around the world with great acceptance and together with other artists, the documentary “Siete sentimientos flamencos” with a script by José Luís Ortiz Nuevo, which was screened in the Andalusian museums. He has performed in the Corral del Carbón cycle, as a soloist and, also, sharing a poster with Fuensanta la Moneta and Conchi Maya. Iván Vargas Flamenco Outside our borders he has performed in France, Italy, Slovenia, United States,. In this last country he was with the group of Curro Albayzín on the occasion of the appointment of Antonio Banderas as ambassador of Andalusia.

In 2004 he closed the season of Young Performers of the Chumbera and that same year, he participated with Estrella Morente in the Music and Dance Festivals. I also act in the flamenco festival of the North Zone of Granada together with Aurora Vargas and Pansequito and in the Festival de Jerez, with the company of Mario Maya.

In 2005, she performed again with Estrella Morente at the Guitar Festival of Córdoba and at the Pozuelo de Alarcón Festival and in January 2006 she participated in the Festival de Nimes, sharing the stage with figures such as Farruquito and Diego Carrasco. He participated in the series “Flamenco in the Museums”, on the occasion of the day of Andalusia, and at the Flamenco Festival in London in 2007. This year he works at the Alburquerque Festival, together with Vero India and at the Festival from Slovenia with great success.

It returns to participate in the Summers of the Corral of the Coal and in the Festival of Autumn with the Musical The Birth, of Juan Andrés Maya. In the summer of 2007, he acts in France, with his company, and in Lanzarote, Sardinia and Seville, as an image of the new perfume of Vittorio and Luchino “Hechizo”. In 2009 he presents the show DE CASTA, where he achieved the difficult balance between spontaneity and control, and between modern and classic.

We must highlight his interventions in tribute to his uncle Mario Maya, in the shows “Granada in body and soul”, also framed in the Flamenco Festivals and in which participated, among others, Enrique Morente, Juan Andrés Maya, Mariquilla or Marina Heredia and “Homage to Mario Maya”, along with Juan Andrés Maya, Belén Maya, Diego Llori and Manuel Liñan.

In addition to dancing, Ivan Vargas has also taught Flamenco courses in Granada, France, the United States, Slovenia, Ukraine, Alburquerque and Italy. Currently, he owns his own company and show YO MISMO, with which he is surprising critics and audiences and of which he is receiving recognition from the world of flamenco and good reviews both nationally and internationally.