Diego El Cigala, barely twelve years old, wins the first prize of the Young Flamenco Competition of Getafey, a prize in the TVE Young People contest, which helped him to collaborate with artists such as Cristóbal Reyes, Mario Maya and Farruco. Once, musicians like Camarón, Gerardo Núñez or Vicente Amigo will demand the collaboration of the cantaor in the recording studios.

In 1997 he began his solo career with the album Undebel, produced by David Amaya and with the guitars of Antón Jiménez, David Amaya, Paquete and Tomatito.

In 2003 Lágrimas negras starts to take shape. What began as an intimate and spontaneous project becomes an unstoppable boom that exceeds the boundaries of flamenco and Latin and that, backed by excellent services, takes the album to be installed at the top of the sales lists during the next two years.

The Latin prizes, three Music awards and, especially, two Grammy and five Latin Grammy nominations, becoming a place for the sharpened critic of The New York Times Ben Ratliff as the Album of the year 2003.

Before this last tour, Diego already knew the next goal: salsa. This new work, planned to come to light in the ’85 Tour ‘, means a unique and exciting project in which it is accompanied by the most relevant musicians of the genre. Conceived in six iconic locations -Cali, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Havana, New York and Miami-, the new work begins in the correct way so far, as well as the new and expected bet of Diego el Cigala: Indestructible.