Kika Quesada began in the world of dance with only five years old and at the age of ten she was already performing her first public performances. He currently has one of the best reputations as an accredited professional in the flamenco world. The first steps in the world of dance were given by the bailaora Marichú, with whom she studied for three years, later going to the Mariquilla school where she trained as a bailaora.

At the same time, he completed numerous improvement courses with great artists such as Mario Maya, Joaquín Cortes, Cristóbal Reyes, Javier Varón, Beatriz Martín, Antonio Reyes, La Tacha, Antonio Canales, Eva Yerbabuena, José Manuel Huertas, Estela Arauso, Juan Andrés Maya , Farruquito, Joaquín Grilo, etc.

In 2002/03 he studied at the Performing Arts Center of La Chumbera, directed by maestro Mario Maya, obtaining one of eleven scholarships available for professionals internationally. Along with flamenco dancing, he always keeps active his second passion, intimately related to it; “The teaching of flamenco dance”. He currently runs his own dance group.

He has taught intensive courses both in Spain and internationally. Some of its students have been Japanese, German, Swedish, Brazilian citizens and recently a one-month course on Reunion Island.

He holds the title of “Adjunct Assistant to the Chair of Flamencology of Granada” (unique in Spain) and it is common to find his name in the press, related to the great flamenco events, just as they have happened with the international press in the numerous performances abroad.

His first performances took place in the most famous grenadine rocks such as “La Platería”, “La Parra”, etc.

With only eleven years, he represented Granada in the “International Festival of Youth and Students” in the city of Moscow, obtaining a resounding success that was collected by all the press in that country.

He has made numerous tours throughout the Spanish territory, in many flamenco festivals, contests and has participated in the Flamenco Biennials. In addition, he has performed in front of personalities such as S.S.M.M. the Kings of Spain or the former president of the United States, Mr. Clinton. Outside of Spain he has performed in places like Paris, New York, Prague and Seoul, as well as in different cities of Germany and Morocco.

He has also participated in numerous television programs, such as “La Puerta del Cante”, “El Mejor Compás”, “La Buena Música”, “Andalusia Day Special Gala”, etc.

He has currently toured Latin American countries to present his new work “Cosas del Alma”, a public success with which he will continue touring in Spain throughout the year. “… in his dance is the elegance, the temperament and the strength of the purest flamenco, combined with a great mastery of rhythm and rhythm”.