He began to play the guitar when he was ten years old, under the guidance of his father, having as teachers guitarists like Jorge Gómez. Later he travels to Madrid to receive lessons from the master guitarist “El Viejín”. He continues his training up to the present, highlighting the course he is taking with Manolo Sanlúcar in Córdoba in 2005.

In 2003 he participated in the show “Un, dos, tres. Faa … “by Mario Maya who performed at the Festival de Jerez in 2004. He has performed in many countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Morocco, Mexico and Russia, among many others.

He currently combines his performances in flamenco shows with collaborations with musicians from other styles such as jazz, pop, blues or house. He works in different tablaos and clubs of Granada and Tarragona fundamentally.

He has accompanied various artists such as Patricia Guerrero, Juan Ramírez, Marina Heredia, Tortas, Parrita and Belén López among others. He has shared stage or poster with artists such as Antonio Canales, Chonchi Heredia, el Pele, Calixto Sánchez, Potito, Diego Amador or Tomatito.

In 2003 he received the prize of Manuel Cano guitar contest and in 2010 the Club Costa de Granada prize.